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The Impact

We curate suppliers and manufacturers that take the environment and social matters very seriously,

Impact Entrepreneur


Wonderbag is the award winning eco-friendly slow cooker that uses heat-retention to cook your food. This prevents heat escaping from the dish, removing the need for additional energy to complete the cooking process.

A greener cleaner approach

your growing essentials

grow indoors

Micro greens and herbs.

Easily harvest your cooking essentials fresh, stylishly and conveniently from your very own kitchen. 

Keep growing 

Perfect starter garden

The ultimate indoor growing.

Soilless cultivation with no bacteria or insects. Easy growing with an automatic water cycle, which means you conserve. Using only what you need.


Intuitive growing, this grow box lets you know if your water levels are low.

Our gallery

Home Biogas

How it works

Bacteria naturally breakdown the organic matter, into two outstanding by-products: cooking gas and fertilizer

Safe and clean storage

Bio gas floats into a gas bag, where it is stored safely till use.

Home Biogas System

Improves health and provides energy & waste management infrastructure for the home.

Cotton Classics for kids


Body Mousse
Youth Serum Elixir
Body Scrub
Apple pie body scrub
Vitamin C elixir
Activated charcoal cleanser
Matcha cleansing gel
Rosehip and rosemary moisturiser
Honey and oatmeal scrub
Kelp and chamomile scrub
Aloe moisturiser
Aloe Serum
Street Wear Apparel

Iconic Black

Iconic Black is the premium quality South African street wear and lifestyle brand that continues to focus on uniting South Africans from every race, creed and age together in an effort to promote everything from fashion to art

South African Street wear

Iconic Black

So much more than just another label, its a revolutionary social movement gaining unprecedented traction, the rising youth movement of proudly South African stories.

Baby Republic

100% cotton onesies

100% Cotton 100% local

Baby Republic

Fun, fashionable and trendy products with non-negotiable style, comfort and quality. 

Up-cycling discarded waste and transforming it into Beautiful products that complement your home.

Up-cycled decorative must haves

Lilly Loompa

Amazing and beautiful pieces for your home made from recycled waste and transformed into creative designer decor-dence, 100% authentic local SA flavour.