Sustainable hotels

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Eco Rooms

Reduce hotel emissions through verified impact projects, each room is linked to a carbon reducing tree budding program.

Our impact projects are paired with verified Carbon Standard (VCS) approved carbon credits to guarantee the carbon offsetting”

Hotels that meet sustainable standards

Rooms are paired to tree budding

For each tree pledged and planted one tonne of CO2 is offset through a VCS project, which guarantees offsetting one tCO2.

Voluntary Emission Reduction Offset Projects

We use offset projects that meet carbon international standards & BSI's PAS 2060 specification on carbon neutrality.

Easily Reduce Carbon Emissions

Easily reduce emissions, and be a part of the hotels groups that are committed to reducing emissions through accredited offset programs.

Converting rooms into eco-rooms

Sustainability is simplified, and change can be implemented immediately. Easily convert ordinary rooms into eco-rooms through our eco room campaign, and verified carbon reduction program. 

  • 1 room equals to 1 trees
  • 1 Tree equals to 1 tonne Co2 credit
  • Therefore 1 eco-room results in 4 tonne Co2 emission reduction

Transform Your Sustainable Vision into Measurable Results

Helping your hotel to become sustainable in a way that can easily be measured, monitored and adjusted,  creating eco consciousness throughout your value chain.

Creating eco-rooms can help Boost your sustainable goals

When you create an eco-room you will get a carbon credit retirement certificate, access to emission reduction projects and their audit reports, reduction in carbon tax liabilities, Contribute to local communities, contribute to reforestation by planting trees.

Eco Rooms

R 250 per room
  • 1 Trees planted
  • 1 tonne co2 credit
  • VER Co2 credit certificate
  • Support Impact Project
  • Tree geolocation

Eco Room Deluxe

R 2300 10 rooms
  • 10 Trees planted
  • 10 Tonne Co2 credits
  • VER Co2 credit certificate
  • Support an impact project
  • Tree Geolocation


R 21000 100 rooms
  • 100 Trees Planted
  • 100 Tonnes Co2 Credits
  • VER co2 credit certificate
  • Support an impact Project
  • Tree Geolocation

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