Green fever

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Shedding the green skin to embrace the new age health conscious crave of ultra-chic cannabis economy. I doubt that anyone would’ve spotted the emergence of this trend many years ago, with fumbling stoners searching for words. Today, cannabis has had a facelift, and its new consumer is current, on point in search of healthy alternatives and a higher consciousness, the stereotypical view of lazy unmotivated stoners are quickly changing. In 2017, marijuana delivery startup Eaze conducted a study of its customers, they were considered to be well paid educated with bachelors degrees, they further estimated the industry to be valued at 22 Billion by 2020.

Despite the general consensus of abid users that cannabis is for more than recreational purposes, medical marijuana has in fact reached new medicinal highs.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a major player in the health-focused cannabis sphere. CBD is the non-psychoactive cousin of THC, the main ingredient responsible for the sense of “high.” Derived naturally from the cannabis plant, CBD produces feelings of calm and can be used to manage pain— without affecting perception, senses, or reaction time.

Elise, produced by Mineral Health, blends hemp stalks into a powder that can be consumed for “peace of mind and body.” Aceso mixes CBD extracts with natural ingredients to make a powder that relaxes and calms the brain. It’s a parallel to the supplement industry, where edible and restorative “ dust” made of superfoods have taken hold among Goop acolytes.

We are also witnessing the emergence of CBD and hemp infused cosmetics, as the beauty industry shifts its lens towards wellbeing, cannabis has emerged as an all-natural skincare alternative, with a rich list of health benefits and an alluring connection to ancient practices.

Cannabis has shown a number of benefits for the skin. Results suggest the plant is an antioxidant, and may help revitalize aging cells. Beyond CBD, hemp seed oil has attracted a cult following among beauty devotees for its anti-inflammatory properties that are used to treat eczema and acne.

Perhaps some may find these products somewhat controversial, it is undoubtedly a growing preference, of green beauty products without the high and all the benefits.

Manufacturers of green cosmetics or cannabis-infused foods are definitely creating beautiful packaging, from slick and minimalistic elegance to playful vibrant and colourful. These products will stand out beautifully on a shelf.


Minimalist and elegant

1+2. Seven Point by Curioso Design Studio

3. Herb Essntls
4. Lord Jones
5. Malin+Goetz cannabis perfume oil

6. Vertly lip butter

7. Khus & Khus


Bold and colouful

1+2. Leafs by Snoop designed by Pentagram

3. Elevate designed by OMD Agency
4+5. Netflix collaboration with agency Carrot

6. Auntie Dolores

7. Défoncé, Californian chocolate company

8. To Whom It May


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