The ‘Cargo X’ eco friendly design, for everyday operations.

Are you looking for a way to improve your operations in a sustainable eco friendly manner.

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‘Cargo X’ multipurpose vehicle has been designed by Alp Germaner as a cargo-carrying solution that would enable businesses to maintain everyday operations in a convenient, eco-friendly manner.

Alp Germaner was assigned to design a multipurpose vehicle with fiber glass body for a company 2 years ago. Since the chassis was already modeled by the company, Alp was needed to design the body, and he was inspired by Capsule. There were several prototypes since this vehicle was intended to be used inside factories, which means, it had to be able to carry euro pallets. The company also wanted to design several other versions for different usages such as for police, private markets, or garbage disposal.

Alp Germaner explains that since the project didn’t go through and the company closed, he decided to name this project as Cargo X. This version would be ideal as a cargo vehicle in factories.

Alp Germaner eco delivery

The electric vehicle is intended to be used within factories for carrying pallets of product or equipment around the interior space, which is further enhanced thanks to the three-wheeled design of the unit. The vehicle was further refined by Germaner to imagine it in other scenarios within the urban environment, which could include being used by police, cargo, city maintenance and much more.

The ‘Cargo X’ multipurpose vehicle comes as a versatile little transportation solution that identifies what can be done to enhance the efficiency of businesses and cities alike in an eco-friendly manner.


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