About Us

We are passionate about creating brands that grow beyond borders, by providing all with an equal platform to grow their brand. We are all about responsible businesses practices & creating a movement of entrepreneurs that are caretakers of planet.


Fair trade and ethical labour practices are essential for growing communities & establishing an impact of positive change.


Responsible business practices that does not over exploit the planet & adopts a sustainable approach to growing a business.


Supporting models that generate high profits and drive sales that will filter back into society through impactful projects.

Our story

After 7 years of building digital business models for entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We realised the need to effect change in a high impact manner, a way that empowers others to become agents for change & provides everyone an equal platform to voice their brand. Showcasing the best brands for each countries and highlighting their impact to society and their environment.

The idea was inspired by artisans and local manufacturers witnessing their precision and meticulous care involved in making their products . We realised the need to showcased ethical manufacturers wanting to make a difference by expressing themselves through their products. Then streamlining it all so that it makes a real creative and positive impact toward the environment.

Fair trade

We support free an fair access to world markets, fair pricing and the prevention of forced or child labour.

Carbon Neutral

All purchases through our store are offset through accredited carbon offset projects.

Ethical Suppliers

Discover a collection of environmentally sustainable and socially responsible suppliers

Weekly Newslatter

3rdPort is an online community of ethical suppliers and professionals, we are paving the way for cross border brand communication & streamlining sustainable impact.